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Duofiller Mono

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Duofiller Mono is the single-head version of the Duofiller. It fills both cans and bottles. Push the button and it will pre-purge and fill to the desired level. 

It can be used for all types of standard cans 0.25 - 0.33 - 0.4 - 0.5 liters / 8 - 12 - 16oz. Slim cans will also work. It can also fill nearly all types of bottles.

Mono will fill your can while you seam the other. The average fill time is 20-25 seconds for a 0.33 liter can, including purge time. It's also a great bottle filler for both carbonated and uncarbonated beverages.

For example, you can use Mono to fill both clean and mixed fermentation beer into bottles or cans. Afterward, you can easily disassemble the beverage contact parts and boil them in water for effective disinfection or you can flush with an inline disinfectant. Since Mono uses a "pinch" type valve it has a uniform ID through the whole flow-path and there are no cavities where particles can settle or that are difficult to clean.

It's recommended to fill from a pressurized keg at minimum 0.5 bar/7psi pressure and  maximum 1.4bar/20psi.


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You need (not included):

- Standard cornelius keg quick coupling with 1/4 "MFL thread, for connection to the beer hose.

- CO2 hose (1/4 "ID or 3/8 OD) and separate regulator for CO2 for purging 

 Developed and manufactured in Norway.

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