- Do you offer full refund if I am not satisfied with the Duofiller?

Off course we do


- How long is the warranty period?

We have two years warranty. If your filler fails we will ship you replacement parts or take it back for free repair. 


- Will the beer get oxygenated?

Nope, not if the filling is done as it should: Purge with co2, make sure you cap on foam and seal the can quickly. Seaming can be done while the next can is filling.


- Can it be used to fill other beverage than beer?

Sure, we have customers using it for cold nitro coffee, kombucha, soda, juice, etc. We recommend to use a pressurized keg to supply beverage to the filler. Using gravity to feed the beverage will be too slow with the thin hose that's included. 


- Should I get a Duofiller or a counterpressure filler?

Duofiller is faster and less messy, counterpressure fillers can handle more foaming and warmer beer. Duofiller needs cold beer and is suitable up to 3-3.3 volumes of  CO2 in the beverage. Both are great to avoid oxygenation of your beer which is always a risk while packing.



- Do you have a reseller discount?

Yes we have, for 5 pcs or more. Quote at mail@duofiller.no