Duofiller Core (G3)

Duofiller Core (G3)

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The Duofiller Core (G3) is a dual can and bottle filler that quickly and accurately fills cans or bottles to the preset fill level with minimal spillage or waste.

Key Features:

  • Fill rate: approximately 1 liter per minute per filling head (at 1 bar keg pressure)
  • Consistent fill level every time
  • Stainless steel inlet connectors
  • Minimal waste
  • Fills both cans and bottles
  • Easy to clean
  • WiFi connection for settings


Duofiller Core (G3) pre-purges the can/bottle with CO2 before it fills to the desired fill level. The fill level is easily programmed by entering programming mode, start a fill, and then manually stop at the desired fill level with a single button press. Subsequent fills will automatically stop at the set fill level. Providing your can-handling and seaming process can keep up, the throughput can be up to 200-250+ cans per hour.


Cleaning is as easy as filling! Simply connect to a keg with water, line cleaner, sanitizer, etc., and run a filling cycle to clean the machine. Duofiller Core (G3) uses pinch valves that flatten a soft tube to shut off the flow, ensuring no cavities or narrow passages where particles can get stuck or are difficult to clean.

If used for mixed fermentation and disinfection is required, all parts in contact with the beverage can be easily disassembled and boiled in water in a large kettle.


Duofiller Core (G3) is designed to be wall-mounted to save tabletop space. It comes with screws for direct wall mounting, or it can be mounted using VESA 100 standard mount, allowing flexibility such as using an articulated arm or a table stand for monitors to mount the Duofiller. For example, it can be hung over a sink for easy spill management.

Each filling head has a dedicated button to start the fill. There are no small screens or tiny buttons to struggle with; programming the fill level is simple using the same button. For additional/advanced settings, it has a web interface accessible from a standard web browser. The web interface is hosted locally on the machine. Local hosting ensures independence from internet or cloud services and eliminates risks of vulnerabilities, downtimes, or service discontinuations common to cloud-based solutions.


  • Set of beverage lines with 2x2.5m 3/16" John Guest type filling lines for normally carbonated beverages
  • 2x 3/16" filling lines with a slightly smaller inner diameter for highly carbonated beverages
  • 110V-240V AC to 12V DC power supply with selectable (EU, UK, US, AU) plug type


  • If connecting to Cornelius kegs, you'll need 1 piece black ball lock fitting with threads.
  • For connecting to unitanks, we recommend a tri-clamp adapter (1 piece).
  • CO2 hose and regulator. The CO2 pressure for the machine should be max 0.2 bar (3psi), meaning it's best to have a regulator with a dedicated outlet. If CO2 is taken from the same outlet as the keg, a secondary regulator (inline regulator) can be used to provide 0.2 bar (3psi).
  • Pressurized container/keg/unitank. The keg pressure must be min 0.5 bar/max 1.4 bar (7-20psi).

For more details, please refer to the user manual.

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