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The well-known Duofiller, the best solution for filling both cans and bottles for home- to microbrewery-sized breweries.

With a push of a button, the Duofiller pre-purges, initiates filling, and then automatically stops at the desired fill level. 

It's easily operated by one person, and it's incredibly efficient thanks to its dual fill head. Each fill-head has a flow rate of up to 1.2 liters per minute, enabling the filler to handle 200-250+ cans per hour, provided your can-handling and seaming process can keep up.

Setting the fill level is easy. To program the initial fill level, hold the button for 3-4 seconds, release and it starts to blink. Push the button again to start a fill cycle. When the liquid reaches the desired level, simply push the button once to stop the filling. The fill level will be saved in the system's memory, ensuring subsequent fillings automatically stop at the chosen level. In sensor mode, adjusting the fill level on the fly during the fill session is hassle-free. Since the level is measured by measuring the pressure inside the stainless CO₂ tube, then actually it’s the liquid height above the tip of the CO₂ that is measured. That means you can easily raise or lower the CO₂ tube, and the fill level will adjust accordingly. There's no need to take off your gloves, navigate through screens, or press small buttons. Additionally, you can conveniently use the Wi-Fi-enabled web interface to modify the fill level, modify purge time, keep track of the number of cans filled, etc.

Unlike other systems utilizing the same fill level measuring principle, the Duofiller doesn't rely on fixed fill profiles. Simply because there are so many factors that can affect the fill level, like the position of the CO₂ tube, beverage density (FG), carbonation level, foam height, temperature, etc. For the best result, we recommend that you always do a programming cycle when switching container size or beverage type. This ensures precise fill levels by the first attempt and eliminates the need for complicated profiles.

The Duofiller utilizes pinch valves to control beverage flow. These valves feature a soft tube running through them and when the valve closes, the valve plunger pinches the tube flat, shutting off the flow. The beverage is in contact with the tube walls only, ensuring a sanitary flow path without any internal cavities or restrictions that could cause fobbing or particle buildup. It's the most hygienic option available for beverage fillers, first introduced by Duofiller.

Cleaning the Duofiller is quick and easy. If necessary, both the internal tube and connectors can easily be removed and boiled in water for disinfection. For day-to-day use, it's sufficient to simply flush the system with your preferred cleaner and sanitizer to keep your Duofiller clean and sanitary. Just make sure the contact time is according to the chemical manufacturer's recommendation. The chemical compatibility of the Duofiller is excellent, thanks to our high-quality connectors and tubes.

For optimal beverage shelf life, it is essential to employ CO₂ for purging and to always cap on foam. When done correctly, the Duofiller stands on par with professional filling lines in terms of oxygen content in the packaged beverage.

To achieve the most efficient purge rate and minimize waste of CO₂, it is advised to keep CO₂ pressure below 3 psi/0.2 bar. During the filling process, we recommend maintaining a stable keg pressure somewhere between 0.9-1.2 bar to ensure the best flow rate and prevent foaming. It is important to note that reducing the keg pressure before filling should be avoided, as it may result in foaming.

The Duofiller includes two beer lines with different diameters. One has an inner diameter of 3.2mm and an outer diameter of 6.4mm (1/4"), while the other has an inner diameter of 2.5mm and an outer diameter of 4mm. For highly carbonated beverages with carbonation levels above 2.7-2.8 volumes of CO₂, it is advisable to use the thinner beer line. In all other cases and to get the best flow rate, we recommend using the thicker beer line. If you experience foaming even when using the thinner line, your beverage is probably too warm or it's over-carbonated.

If you experience that there is not enough foam to cap on, simply let the keg warm up a few degrees until the foam height is sufficient. 

For more details, please visit https://docs.duofiller.com

In addition, you will need (not included):

 - Standard cornelius keg quick coupling with 1/4 "MFL thread, for connecting the beverage line.

- CO₂ hose (1/4 "ID or 3/8 OD) and separate regulator for CO₂ for purging. The purge pressure is max 3psi/0.2 bar, which ensures.

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