Duofiller Gen1 -> Gen2 upgrade kit

Duofiller Gen1 -> Gen2 upgrade kit

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Upgrade kit to upgrade Duofiller Gen1 to Duofiller G2 functionality. The sustainable alternative instead of buying a new G2 filler.

Kit includes:
-  1pcs control board featuring Wifi and enabling bottle filling
-  2pcs Beverage valves of type pinch valve
-  All other wetted parts, including new tube clamps to enable bottle filling

Please note that when upgraded maximum beverage pressure will be reduced to 20psi / 1.4 bar. This is due to the new pinch type beverage valve. Max temperature will be 65C /149 F. Fill speed will be doubled @ 1 bar compared to the Gen1 Duofiller. 

Instructions included. No special tools needed but to make full use of the bottle filling feature we recommend to drill out the rivets (3mm/ 1/8" drill bit required) holding the canholder and replace them with M3 screws. Screws included. Then the canholder bracket can be removed when filling bottles.


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