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Duofiller Core

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Duofiller Core is a dual can and bottle filler. It will fill carbonated/uncarbonated beverages into any common can or bottle size. It's particularly effective as a can filler, providing great throughput for both home and commercial brewing environments. 

It's easily operated by one person, and it's highly efficient thanks to its dual fill head. Providing your can-handling and seaming process can keep up, the throughput can be up to 200-250+ cans per hour.

Load an empty can, push the button and it will pre-purge and fill the can to the pre-programmed fill level. Setting the fill level is straightforward: start a fill in programming mode and manually stop the filling at the desired level. The machine will automatically use this fill level for subsequent fills. Programming the fill level will not take more time than a regular fill cycle, and does not cause any waste.

For on-the-fly adjustments, you can use the web interface to set a correction/offset value to fine-tune the fill level. The filler is Wi-Fi enabled with a web interface hosted locally on the filler. Local hosting ensures independence from internet or cloud services and eliminates risks of vulnerabilities, downtimes, or service discontinuations common to cloud-based solutions.

Featuring stainless steel beverage connectors and pinch-type valves to start/stop the beverage flow, this machine meets high standards of hygiene. Its smooth, cavity-free beverage flow path prevents particle buildup, ensuring a clean process. Inline cleaning, akin to the maintenance of draft beer equipment, maintains high hygiene levels. Without the need for disassembly, a simple flushing process ensures it remains clean and sanitized.

The filler offers two mounting options: direct wall installation or VESA 100 standard compatibility. This enables the use of a VESA 100-compatible monitor arm or stand (not included), providing full mounting flexibility.

The kit includes:

  • Beverage lines measuring 2.5m in length, plus an additional line with a smaller diameter designed for highly carbonated beverages.

  • A power supply (110-240V to 12V DC) equipped with interchangeable EU/UK/US/AU plugs.

Additionally, you will need:

  • A source of pressure-regulated CO2 for purging, limited to a maximum of 0.2 bar (3 psi).

  • Your choice of keg connector; for Cornelius kegs, please use the black Cornelius-style connector (not included). Tri-clamp and threaded connectors are also available.

  • To push the beverage towards the filler, a pressurized keg/unitank with a regulated pressure is required. Minimum/recommended/max pressure: 0.5 / 1.0 / 1.4 bar.

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